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Cracking down on nuisance calls

Nuisance calls are irritating. So irritating in fact that nearly 170,000 complaints were made to the regulator – the Information Commissioner’s Office – on this issue last year alone. We’ve already made it easier for rogue companies to be fined by reducing the need for the regulator to prove that substantial damage and distress HAS BEEN caused by the…

‘Tis mad idolatry

Zoe WIlcox
, April 23, 2016 — Uncategorized
How did we become so obsessed with Shakespeare? This is one of the questions which the British Library’s exhibition Shakespeare in Ten Acts sets out to answer. As curator of the exhibition, I’ve spent the last two years combing through the Library’s rich and varied collections finding stories that illuminate how and why Shakespeare became the global,…


William Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of our greatest ever Britons – a genius whose work continues to have an extraordinary influence across the globe. The Bard’s plays and sonnets have been translated into more than 100 languages and are studied by schoolchildren the world over. His work not only underpins our reputation in literature and…

Events are GREAT

Nick de Bois
, April 15, 2016 — Uncategorized
The launch of Events are GREAT Britain took place on Thursday 14th April at Chelsea Football Club, officially outlining VisitBritain’s new strategy for Business Visits & Events. “Events are GREAT Britain” is part of the wider GREAT campaign and will act as the umbrella brand working to drive more international business to the UK. Activity will start to…

#OurCulture: Improving access and opportunity

Lloyd Dorfman
, March 24, 2016 — Uncategorized
The publication of the Culture White Paper provides the opportunity for us to appreciate one of our great strengths as a nation, but also to reflect on how we make it even stronger.  I have always been passionate about the arts and culture. Even at school, I much enjoyed drama. In fact, it was around…

A fantastic fortnight for tourism

Bernard Donoghue
, March 22, 2016 — Uncategorized
This has been a fantastic fortnight for UK tourism. HRH The Prince of Wales launched English Tourism Week with a special message encouraging visits to destinations which have been affected by flooding, reminding us all of the economic importance of tourism, the UK’s fifth biggest industry. English Tourism Week saw an array of wonderful events…

Women in Digital

Ed Vaizey MP
, March 8, 2016 — Uncategorized
It goes without saying that we need more women in digital roles. So, today, on International Women’s Day, I was delighted to take part in an event that wasn’t just about saying something, but about doing something to make real progress. What’s clear is that tech has an image problem. When digital transformation should be opening up opportunities,…

UK Korea Creative Industries Forum

, February 26, 2016 — Uncategorized
The UK-Korea Creative Industries Forum will take place on Monday 7th March at the British Film Institute. The forum is intended as a celebration of the creativity in Korea and Britain and aims to bring together leading companies and organisations from both countries to find more ways to work together, share expertise and build effective…

UK Events Industry Board

Nick de Bois
, February 25, 2016 — Uncategorized
In January the new Events Industry Board met for the first time at the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). Towards the end of the last parliament the then Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, Sajid Javid announced the formation of the board as a working link between the thriving business events sector and the government.…