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Delhi blues

Woke up this morning to see a picture of a crumbling bridge in Delhi on the front page of the Guardian just as India gets ready to host the Commonwealth Games.

Having been there in July, I know how much concern there will be in Indian sporting circles about this. I also know the Indian authorities will do everything in their power to sort things out as this is a matter of huge national pride.
None of which should overshadow our brilliant Team England whom I wished farewell to at a reception at Buckingham Palace last night. 371 athletes, one of our biggest ever teams, including our youngest 13 year old diver Alicia Blagg. It also includes Danielle Brown and Sarah Storey, the first ever paralympic gold medallists to be competing for England in a non-disabled team.
We wish them good luck, although as Serena Williams said “Luck has nothing to do with it. It is the many many hours, the countless hours on the court for my one moment.”

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