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The big questions for growth in our creative industries

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Dinah Caine

CEO of Skillset and Chair of the Creative Industries Council (CIC) Skillset Skills Group

Dinah Caine, CEO of Skillset and Chair of the Creative Industries Council (CIC) Skillset Skills Group discusses the big skills questions facing the creative industries.

We all know how important skills and talent are to the future of our industries. But it is what we do about building and improving on these things that is key to our future success.
This has been recognised by the CIC, which has tasked Skillset with leading the CIC Skillset Skills Group that I have the pleasure of chairing.
students being shown computer animationThe Skills Group will advise on key issues identified by the CIC and make recommendations on relevant actions to be taken by the industry, the government and its public agencies.
I will present the Group’s report to the Council at their January 2012 meeting and between now and then the Group will determine exactly what needs to happen, so that we can maintain and build upon the skills and talent needed for our Digital and Creative Industries to remain as the UK economy’s high achievers.
According to the industry, developing skills and nurturing talent are integral components to growth. Or is this just rhetoric? The Government has asserted the importance of skills to the success of any economic growth. But are their efforts to improve the country’s education and skills benefiting our industries?

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These are only some of the questions that we are asking the industry to consider as part of our Big Questions which I urge you to have a look if you haven’t already (by 23 September).
We are also incorporating the knowledge of previous reports and examinations (on specific sectors or to the whole of the Creative Industries), listening to our education partners and talking to key industry organisations. I am very fortunate to have group members who bring a wealth of knowledge, industry experience and expertise to the table. Our challenge will be to make recommendations that can be effective, timely and … creative! After all, we are in a business that seeks originality and innovation.
So please, get creative and come back to us with big answers to our big questions.
Photo by Skillset on Flickr. All rights reserved.

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