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Jennifer Vandemoer Mitchell shares her experiences of a seaside summer in Weymouth & Portland, cheering on her sister-in-law who is on the USA Sailing Team.

Sun, sand and sea at Weymouth
From the moment I stepped off of the train in Weymouth, the town oozed Olympic support and hospitality. I walked into a charming, warm, coastal town that has embraced the Olympics and welcomed people from all over the world into their town.
I came across the pond with my family to support my sister-in-law, who is competing in sailing for Team USA. It has been a pleasure to come to the Olympics and really get a taste for England and the games.
The Olympic ambassador volunteers in Weymouth have been beyond accommodating. Always on hand to help us – from handing out a map to recommending nearby sites to visit.
The town has been incredibly friendly and proud. No one seems to be phased by the influx of people or sporting action. Rather than feeling like a disruption, we have felt that people are happy to have us and welcome us where ever we go.
The Nothe Fort is a near perfect venue to watch sailing. In addition to the beautiful vistas the fort has to offer – surrounded by large bluffs and open waters – the racing is so close to shore spectators can really see and feel the action on the water. The big screens and live commentary contributed to Weymouth being an excellent Olympic venue.
On the high seas at Weymouth
I have enjoyed exploring the town on foot and talking with local folks about their home. Everyone has been interested in us as visitors, curious about where we are from and what sailing is all about. It’s great to meet people from all different walks of life who have an interest in sailing.
When my sister-in-law’s team did not make it into the medal races we headed down to the pub where the people of Weymouth lifted our spirits. We were welcomed to chat and have a drink with locals who shared our disappointment, but also reminded us that being here in Weymouth and at the Olympics is an incredibly awesome place to be!

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