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Re-opening the Natural History Museum

Richard Orr


Richard Orr

Head of Marketing, Natural History Museum

You’d have thought re-opening the Museum would be a simple task, switch everything back on and open the doors and they’ll come rushing back. That is where the issue lies. With the new normal comes new responsibilities. Without dwelling on the finer details of how we can keep everyone safe when they visit, I’d just pick on one element: ensuring our visitors can get there safely even before they arrive. 


With the cultural quarter of South Kensington home to so many fantastic institutions, the NHM worked closely with our neighbours the Science Museum and V&A to help guide visitors from the tube to the front door. With my opposite numbers we worked closely with TFL and RBKC (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea) to provide pavement stickers to help guide visitors from South Ken tube to Exhibition Road.

Working together for the safety of our visitors

That way we can help with social distancing, crowds and ensure a smooth exit for all. With our Ops team working with their counterparts, we have staggered opening times when we first open – to help staff travel in off peak and get home safely once we have all closed. It is a simple tool so hope the stickers provide that extra layer of confidence when visiting and show how we all work together.

It’s worth noting that when visitors do arrive at the NHM, we have given a lighter touch to our social distancing messages using dinosaurs!


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