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London Tech Week 2021: I’m one of the biggest advocates for apprenticeships

Max Rickards


Max Rickards

IBM apprentice

I’m one of the biggest advocates for apprenticeships. They provide invaluable opportunities and skills to launch your career. They are definitely the way forward for young individuals. 

Helping my career

Having already completed a Level 4 apprenticeship in Junior Management Consultancy, I’ve been able to explore new and exciting opportunities whilst furthering my career within my second apprenticeship – Digital User Experience (UX) Degree Pathway. 

Max Rickard IBM

I can honestly say it’s the best decision I made. IBM have helped train and mentor me ever since my first day. The knowledge, connections and expertise I’ve been exposed to is second to none. I would strongly encourage anyone to look into apprenticeships. 

Hands on experience

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many global companies and incredible people in multiple industries including the Media & Entertainment industry and more recently Chemicals & Petroleum industry and I’m soon moving into the Public Sector. 

Max Rickards

My most recent client has said “To have had such a key role in such a transformational effort for [the client] so early in your career speaks volumes.” I was entrusted to lead the design team for a major product release, the product is now fundamentally serving 1000s of users every month, globally. 

This is what apprenticeships provide – a unique and unparalleled experience in industry. I look forward to continuing my career here at IBM for many more years!


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