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NCS: I developed vital skills

Phil Naylor - NCS


Phil Naylor - NCS

Phil Naylor, NCS Trust Regional Manager - North West.

Last week, the Minister of Sport, Tourism & Civil Society, Nigel Huddleston, attended an NCS programme delivered by Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN).

Who are NCS?

NCS exists to engage, unite and empower young people, building their confidence so they can go out and achieve their dreams, no matter where they’re from or what their background is. Our portfolio of experiences give young people the chance to develop crucial life skills, meet new friends, get a taste for independence, unleash their potential, and build their self-belief through a range of different activities. Helping them become world ready and work ready.

Nigel Huddleston (Minister) and Mark Gifford (CEO of NCS Trust) talking with Mark giving a thumbs up

Nigel Huddleston, Minister for and Mark Gifford, CEO of NCS Trust

What was the workshop about?

Nigel Huddleston met with over 30 young people on the Autumn ‘21 experience as they took part in a public speaking workshop run by D.E.A.F (Deaf Education Advocacy Fellowship). The workshop taught the young people tips on public speaking, shared the barriers deaf people face daily in the hearing community, and gave them the opportunity to share issues that matter to them most, such as the environment, climate change, and violence towards women. 

What did the young people think?

Mahaab and Cheryl were two of the young people in attendance. We asked them a few questions about their NCS experience and what it’s meant for them…

The young people learnt vital skills in the workshop

How did you find the workshop you attended and what were the key findings you learnt? 

Mahaab: “I enjoyed the different aspects of the day as it allowed me to develop my knowledge. It made me develop a sense of appreciation for everything I have as I got an insight into the life of someone who doesn’t have a sense which I take for granted.”  

Cheryl: “We were able to learn some British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate with one another – this was really exciting because it allowed me to learn how to use the letters to say my name! After, we went through a public speaking workshop, where we worked as a team, to present any topic – as a group we did pollution. I discussed the horrors of plastic pollution and what we as young people can do. This developed my communication, team-work and confidence skills.”  – Cheryl

a hand holding a pen writing on paper

Each group prepared a presentation on societal issues

What impact has your NCS experience had on you?

Mahaab: “NCS allowed me to open up more to new opportunities rather than shy away from them, which is what I would have previously done and it enabled me to meet new people. On our Go Ape challenge many of us bonded over the fear we were feeling for the course, but helped each other through it which is not something I would do as it is out of my comfort zone.” 

Cheryl: “NCS allowed me to make quick decisions and work as a team to create presentations and develop my communication and confidence skills, through the public speaking workshop and the series of activities on the first three days. It also allowed me to think innovatively, in terms of the presentations we created. I met a range of different people with different characteristics and I have developed my problem-solving, team leadership, strategic thinking and resilience.” 

Find out more about NCS and pre-register for our Summer ‘22 experience.

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