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An apprenticeship is a fantastic way to meet people – Ethan Monks

Ethan Monks


Ethan Monks

UK&I Apprentice Lead and People Manager at DXC

Working and studying 

I’ve always wanted to work towards a degree but now that I’m the Apprentice Leader and People Manager and UK&I, I want a degree that not only matches my current role, but one that would help me progress in my career.

I am studying online and on campus; I started sessions virtually for the first month or so but since I’ve started going on campus, and that has a huge difference. Being able to meet people and learn face to face is something I look forward to, and having that social interaction to break up the week is fantastic. The course is great also, and all the tutors teach in their own, unique way so there’s always variety.

Why doing an apprenticeship is worthwhile

Doing an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to meet people, learn new skills and it also saves you money as your company will provide for you, but it is tough. I have to work extra hours to complete assignments. Working and studying at the same time isn’t easy but being able to implement what you learn as you learn it is invaluable.

Reach out to us

In my role as Manager, I encourage any business thinking about working with the University to get in touch. Working with UCLan has been a very positive experience for DXC, we have been able to work together to discuss how Degree Apprenticeships can align to our strategy over the coming years and which standards match our roles.

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