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Join the conversation on how culture and digital technology can work better together.


#CultureisDigital is a conversation between Government, the cultural sector and tech companies, led by DCMS. It stems from our commitment in the Culture White Paper to review the digitisation of our public collections and enhance online cultural experiences.

The project looks at how culture and digital technology can work together to drive audience engagement, unleash the creative potential and boost the capability of cultural organisations.


Get involved

If you’re part of a big or small organisation, in the tech or cultural sector, or someone driving forward ideas and initiatives in these areas, you can join the conversation now, discussing the issues you face and posting your ideas and solutions to 4 main challenges:

Have your say at cultureisdigital.uk and follow the conversation on social media using the #CultureisDigital hashtag. You can also share your case studies and examples of work already being delivered in this area.

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One comment on “#CultureisDigital – have your say

  1. I would appreciate some information on the virtual house walk-through that appears at the 24- to 32-second mark of the video: who did it, and does it represent a real property?

    The #CultureIsDigital initiative is excellent, and I look forward to the conversation.

    Thank you!

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