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#LocalCharitiesDay: The inspirational work of Remap

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David Martin

Chief Executive at Remap

Linda teaches piano and singing, so was devastated when treatment for breast cancer left her unable to support her left arm or move it sufficiently to play the piano, even though her fingers were unaffected. She was unable to work and was left feeling very frustrated.

Fortunately, Linda’s occupational therapist had heard of Remap, a charity with a network of volunteers who love making things for disabled people. These skilled volunteers design and custom-make equipment and everything is provided free of charge! Remap aims to help people achieve independence and a better quality of life by filling the gap where no suitable equipment is available commercially.


Alan Blundell is one such volunteer and he set to work, fitting a rail to the edge of the piano with a wheeled wrist support like a truck that could run silently up and down the rail. It was shaped to support Linda’s wrist with expanded foam and chamois leather. On trying out the aid Linda was immediately able to play without any trouble. She was delighted and was able to resume giving music lessons and playing for her own pleasure.

Support through innovation

This project is typical of Remap’s work. Last year the charity helped over 3,500 disabled people in this way and is able to give the equipment free of charge in every case.

Other recent examples include a horse riding saddle support (that holds a child with cerebral palsy securely in the saddle when horse riding) and sensor controls for wheelchair dancers (that enable wheelchair dancers to control a wheelchair from sensors attached to armbands and a headband.)

Discover more about this remarkable charity at www.remap.org.uk. Our get our help page lets you find your nearest group – with over 70 groups across England and Wales there should be one near you. Remap would love to hear from you, whether you could use our free help or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

Why we’re supporting Local Charities Day

For a small charity like Remap it is fantastic to have Local Charities Day shining a spotlight on the inspirational work done by charities across the UK. This government support encourages our volunteers and helps raise the profile of organisations that might otherwise slip under the radar.

We’ve been providing custom-made equipment for disabled people of all ages, free of charge for over 50 years, helping thousands of disabled people to live more independently.

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