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Making it Magic for Everyone

Ian Crabbe

Ian Crabbe, July 28, 2021 — Civil Society

Managing Director Resort Theme Parks for Merlin Entertainments

Merlin Entertainments Director, Ian Crabbe, welcomes the National Disability Strategy and reflects on some of the positive changes Alton Towers have made to ensure everyone has a safe, fun and memorable visit. A visit from the MinisterWe were delighted to welcome Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston to Alton Towers recently, to show him not only the…

MindOut provides vital support for LGBTQ mental health

Helen Jones

Helen Jones, February 23, 2021 — #CommunitiesCan

CEO, MindOut

As part of DCMS Community Match Challenge through Global’s Make Some Noise, MindOut, based in Brighton, has received a £20,000 grant for their virtual mental health service for the LGBTQ+ community. The funding covers online Support Worker salaries and training costs to extend hours for the online support service. This temporary increase in hours and…

Using Dormant Assets to get charities and social enterprises the capital they need

Seb Elsworth

Seb Elsworth, January 9, 2021 — Civil Society

CEO, Access - The Foundation for Social Investment

Access uses money from dormant assets to support more charities and social enterprises to get the capital they need to grow and help more people in their communities. We do this through a model we call blended finance. This means combining loans and grant so that social lenders are able to support smaller organisations who…

Supporting frontline organisations to make a real difference

Stephen Muers

Stephen Muers, — Civil Society

Interim CEO, Big Society Capital

Big Society Capital was set up with the promise of £425 million from dormant bank accounts and £200 million from our four bank shareholders. Our mission is to improve people’s lives in the UK through investment. It is the frontline organisations that deliver such impact, so far more than 1,200 of them, and the fund managers…

Military Wives Choirs: A thank you for supporting our virtual activity #CommunitiesCan

Eleanor Pullen

Eleanor Pullen, October 9, 2020 — #CommunitiesCan

Digital Engagement Officer, Military Wives Choirs

The grant funding that the Military Wives Choirs has received has enabled us to continue to bring our network together, albeit virtually, during these unprecedented times in the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 70 choirs and more than 2,000 members in British military bases across the UK and overseas, the Military Wives Choirs is a charity…

Building trust and community cohesion through Board Games – #CommunitiesCan

Mem Mehmet

Mem Mehmet, September 11, 2020 — #CommunitiesCan

Happiness Engineer, Universal Board Games

Universal Board Games have been using play to build trust and community cohesion for 20 years. We feel it will be even more important to rebuild this after the negative impact of the coronavirus lockdown on vulnerable communities in Hackney. The Coronavirus Community Support Fund we’ve received has enabled us to build capacity and plan…

Reshaping the Hailsham Festival – #CommunitiesCan

Dr Tony Biggin

Dr Tony Biggin, September 4, 2020 — #CommunitiesCan

Chair, Hailsham Festival

In early 2020 Hailsham Festival – an annual celebration of creativity, talent and imagination – was gearing up for its most ambitious year ever – not only were plans well advanced for the ‘normal’ festival fortnight in September but also for ‘String’ – a newly commissioned community musical, rooted in Hailsham, its surrounding villages and…

EFL Football Clubs: Tackling loneliness together – #CommunitiesCan

Mike Evans

Mike Evans, August 28, 2020 — #CommunitiesCan

CEO, EFL Trust

How EFL football clubs are bringing people together and connecting older people at risk of lonelinessCOVID-19 and the lockdown restrictions brought loneliness into sharp focus. In these troubled times it filled me with a great sense of pride to see how EFL football clubs and their community organisations stepped up to provide a vital lifeline…

Monkstown Boxing Club – #CommunitiesCan

National Emergencies Trust

National Emergencies Trust, August 13, 2020 — #CommunitiesCan

Monkstown Boxing Club, in Northern Ireland, is delivering 300 meals every week to people most affected by coronavirus in its community.From the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Monkstown Boxing Club knew that its local community would be heavily affected – with pensioners, families and those suffering from poor health all needing urgent help. With its usual…

Wholehearted Childhood, supporting wellbeing through nature – #CommunitiesCan

Helen Nistala

Helen Nistala, August 12, 2020 — #CommunitiesCan

Founder, Wholehearted Childhood

Wholehearted Childhood is a new organisation with a mission to help children and their communities to flourish, wholeheartedly engaged in the natural world. In March, we were looking forward to a summer of events, bringing groups of looked after children and their foster carers together to enjoy the outdoors, supported by the National Lottery Heritage…