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The power of your voice – International Youth Day 2019

Since February this year, I have been privileged to be involved in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s Youth Steering Group, led by the British Youth Council. 

So far, this group has worked with Policy Lab to understand the policy making processes within government, with the ultimate goal of developing a digital solution to allow young people’s voices to be heard in policy consultations. 

One major strength of this group, which makes it one of the most exciting teams I’ve worked with, is that it’s made up of a diverse range of young people, from various backgrounds hailing from all corners of England. This is a truly representative group who feel as though we are being heard and gradually we are growing the capacity for youth voice within government. 

The power of our voices was shown when members met the Department to share our views about how the Government can engage with young people more effectively. It was a proud moment to have our voices heard directly and a moment which should signal to young people everywhere that our views are being taken seriously. You are being heard! 

Engagement between young people and the Government is so important for one simple reason: it is young people who will be inheriting the consequences of the decisions that we take today. Each and every decision will have consequences for our future. 

By listening to young people, we can be empowered to shape our own future. Whatever stage you are at in life, whether you are a young person, a government employee or an adult in the outside world, I challenge you to become an advocate for youth voice. When young people are given a seat at the table, innovative solutions will be discovered and young people can shape their own futures. 

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