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Making a local link

Baroness Barran


Baroness Barran

Minister for Civil Society

The work of civil society is woven into the fabric of our society; community groups; charities; businesses that are committed to social good. In ordinary times, the work of civil society inspires. In extraordinary times it underlines its necessity.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s evermore vital that I can hear directly from those of you on the frontline about what you’re doing, how you’ve adapted your work and how we in Government can try to help.

Rising to the challenge

I know there is so much fantastic work going on across the country to support people at this time – from trying to alleviate loneliness to making sure people who are self-isolating have everything they need – and I want to shine a light on how the sector has risen to this challenge.

This is why I want to make ‘Local links’. I want to link up with people, organisations, community groups that I might not normally get the chance to speak to, so I can hear directly from you and you can hear directly from me.

Baroness Barran on a visit to the Paddington Development Trust

Baroness Barran on a visit to the Paddington Development Trust (Aug.2019)

Each week I’ll be calling someone new and each week they’ll recommend someone else that I should speak to, making the next local link.

Follow the conversation 

If you have a question you’d like to add to our discussions or want to see some of the key talking points and responses, make sure to follow me (@dianabarran) and @DCMS on Twitter and look out for #LocalLink.

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