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The National Data Strategy

, June 13, 2019 — Digital

...as the National Data Strategy develops. Another issue that arose throughout the day was that people are using similar words to mean different things. Through the National Data Strategy process,...

The National Data Strategy, Smart Data, and open banking

Imran Gulamhuseinwala OBE

Imran Gulamhuseinwala OBE, June 23, 2021 — Digital

Implementation Trustee, Open Banking Implementation Entity

...The National Data Strategy, Smart Data, and open banking Smart Data was identified as a key policy initiative that can help achieve the first mission of the National Data Strategy:...

National Data Strategy: Foundational data skills

Lee Pope

Lee Pope, August 4, 2022 — Digital

National Data Strategy Implementation team, DCMS

...the pilots at PGconversion@officeforstudents.org.uk. And please email the team in DCMS at nationaldatastrategy@dcms.gov.uk, if you have questions more broadly about work associated with implementation of the National Data Strategy.  ...