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Work experience, abseiling and lucky numbers

John Penrose

, — Culture

John David Penrose is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Weston-super-Mare

Most workplaces have them from time to time. Young people who seem to appear out of the blue, and hang around for a week or two with expressions on their faces that start out as a mixture of terror and wonder, but after a while settle down into something approaching confidence and – more often…

Extended Play: South West’s first major games festival launches in Plymouth

Elia Romanos

, October 10, 2011 — Media, broadband and creative industries

CEO of Plymouth-Based Indie Gaming Company

On 3 November this year, the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth will open its doors not to the usual gazers of underwater life but to the growing number of gamers emerging in the South West. Organiser and MD of Remode Studios Ella Romanos explains why the coastal region is making a mark on the fast-growing…

Sunshine, surveys, ciggies and sewers

John Penrose

, October 7, 2011 — Culture

John David Penrose is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Weston-super-Mare

‘Ditch your duvet, those summer nights are back*’ as The Daily Mail reported last week, demonstrating yet again that, if there’s one thing we in this country never tire of, it’s speculation about the weather.

Looking to the future

Alan Davey

, October 3, 2011 — Culture

Chief Executive of Arts Council England

Following the official transfer this weekend, Chief Executive of Arts Council England Alan Davey reveals how his organisation has prepared to take on responsibility for museums and libraries from MLA.

See the nation’s oil paintings online and help tag them

Andrew Ellis

, September 30, 2011 — Culture

Public Catalogue Foundation Director

Next year will mark the culmination of the Public Catalogue Foundation’s ambitious project to photograph the nation’s entire collection of oil paintings. These paintings are being shown on the BBC website. As Andrew Ellis, the PCF’s Director, explains this project will reveal to the world the UK’s extraordinary art collection.