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Celebrating World Radio Day – a trusted friend to billions

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, February 13, 2019 — Digital

CEO, Radiocentre

Today is World Radio Day, a celebration of the medium that brings vital information, entertainment and companionship to billions of people around the world and continues to evolve as a fundamental part of society. In recent years social media, music streaming and podcasts, on-demand TV and video services have all flourished, creating ever more pressure on people’s media…

London calling . . . but not from the top of the dial any longer

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, February 6, 2015 — Media, broadband and creative industries

Ed Vaizey was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries in May 2010 and promoted to Minister of State for Culture and Digital Industries in 2014.

I’m a huge fan of digital radio. I like its simplicity and the way in which stations are identified by name rather than a number with a decimal point. I love the way it can even tell you the name of the piece of music you’re listening to, who is performing it and, very often,…