This is what my local library means to me | #LibrariesWeek

Mandy Grimwood

Mandy Grimwood, October 5, 2021 — Libraries

Manager of Gainsborough Community Library

My local library My library is not just my job, I’m passionate about it and what we offer the local community. Gainsborough Community Library is a real community hub. The building stands out in the area and is accessible and welcoming. The community feels the library belongs to them and appreciate everything we offer. Everyone…

Libraries: A place to learn to love culture

Libraries Connected

Libraries Connected, August 21, 2020 — Enjoy Summer Safely

‘I always thought art was not for people like me, how wrong I was.’ Library art club member Libraries are often the first place people experience art and culture. Whether it is a crafts session with an emerging artist or a live music concert in a city centre library – libraries know how to create…

National Libraries Week 2019

Helen Whately

Helen Whately, October 9, 2019 — Libraries

Minister for Libraries

Every Saturday as a child, while my mum went to the supermarket, I went to the local library. I would come home with as many books as I could borrow: books I could lose myself in, characters I could imagine myself as, and adventures I could dream of embarking on. Back then, the library was…

Bold new vision for Cambridgeshire Libraries

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, April 12, 2018 — Libraries

Cambridgeshire Library Service is one of the fastest growing services in the country, with four new libraries planned, and it has innovative plans for the future. For our libraries to thrive, not just survive, we need to start seeing them for what they can do for and with people. We want to build on this…