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Where Theatre meets immersive tech

Toby Coffey

, April 10, 2017 — Culture

National Theatre, Head of Digital Development

The National Theatre has a strong history of innovation. It is not an organisation that stands still. Innovation is embodied in the organisation alongside principles including excellence, inclusion, access, learning and diversity. When we launched National Theatre Live, our live to cinema broadcast initiative, it was to some extent a test. In an interview broadcast ahead of…

It all began with the Orphan of Zhao

Gregory Doran

, October 7, 2014 — Culture

Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) Artistic Director Find out more at http://www.rsc.org.uk/

Royal Shakespeare Company Artistic Director Gregory Doran discusses the RSC’s plans to mark Shakespeare’s 400th Jubilee year and how the organisation has been working with theatre makers across the globe.Though Zhao had its origins in the 4th century BCE, it was the first Chinese play ever translated in the West (in 1753, by the French…

What makes a Community Theatre?

Mhora Samuel

, April 22, 2014 — Culture

Theatres Trust Director

This is one of the questions being asked at The Theatres Trust’s annual conference, Community Theatres on the 28 April, taking place at the City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds – a venue which has been serving its local community since 1865.